Anonymous:  can am fuck you pls


Anonymous:  I'm a girl and the thin that turns me in the most is two men going at it like it's so hot I wanna join

i think its the first time i see a girl that enjoys gay sex but oK,thats cool!!!

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Anonymous:  I once had sex in a public nude swimming pool. There were children around. Whoops. #noragrets

i feel like public swimming pools have lots of germs but ok!!! hope u had fun

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Anonymous:  My boyfriend at the time was so hot, he always made me do crazy and interesting things, and he somehow always got me in trouble. I was with him one night with a few friends and we walked through the neighborhood and stuff and we all sat at this park and I sat in his lap. We were all talking and my boyfriend wrapped his arms around my waist, it was so dark so no one noticed when he began to touch me. He palmed me while we all just were having a normal convo with friends. Haha um oops.

hahahahahahhah im pretty sure everyone noticed tho

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Anonymous:  i thought I was straight for the longest time and I fell in love with my best friend who is a girl.. I've denied it for a long time and I don't think I can ever bring myself to tell her :( its so hard, it's killing me

i feel that if you say to her the same thing you just said to me but with more details its not gonna be that hard!!

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